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SES Seminar by Dr Kamala Mukunda on January 10, 2013


Ambedkar University, Delhi

School of Educational Studies

SES Seminar

Topic: Intelligence: An Introduction to Psychological Ideas for Educators

Speaker: Dr. Kamala Mukunda, Centre for Learning, Bangalore

Venue: Room No. 316, Dwarka Campus

Date, Day and Time: 10 January, 2013, Thursday, 2.30 pm


The topic of intelligence is one of the more controversial ones in psychological research and educational application. This talk will introduce some of the difficult questions regarding nature and nurture, change and stability, from the point of view of education. It will attempt to do this by exploring a few 'good questions', rather than by attempting to answer them!


About the speaker:

Dr Mukunda is a school teacher in a teacher-run school outside Bangalore ( She did her PhD in Educational Psychology and remains interested in current research in the field, and she enjoys connecting these two spheres of interest by writing for teachers, students and parents. She has to her credit a recently published book - What Did You Ask at School Today.

With your time permitting, please join us for the talk.