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Faculty Seminar on November 30 at 2.30 pm


Division of Labour : An experiment

Prof Massimo Warglien


November 30, 2.30 pm

CR 7, AUD Kashmere Gate



About the talk

We study how cognitive and social factors, along with technological properties, affect the emergence and stability of a division of labor. Specifically, we propose that (1) the tendency to perceive object-based partitions more easily than activity-based partitions in the task environment, and (2) the tendency to preserve the existing pattern of social interactions, in conjunction with (3) the decomposability of the task, shape the choice of division of labor. Two lab experiments provide supportive evidence. We draw implications for self-organized groups as well as the impact of technological change on organizations.



About the speaker

Massimo Warglien is a professor at the Department of Management of the Ca' Foscari University of Venezia (Italy), where he is Scientific Director of the Laboratory of Experimental Economics and has been directing the PhD program for the last six years. He is currenlty visiting the School of Business, Public Policy & Social Entrepreneurship at AUD.His current interests cover experimental and behavioral economics, organization theory, and language games. He has been publishing in major scientific journals, including Science, PNAS, Physica A, Organization Science, Games and Economic Behavior, Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, Journal of Semantics.