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Chayanika Shah's talk on 18th October


Dr. Chayanika Shah, Independent Researcher and Activist from Bombay is visiting AUD. She is a part of contemporary women's and sexualities rights movements in India. One of her very significant contemporary articles is 'The Roads that E/Merged: Feminist Activism and Queer Understanding' in Arvind Narrain's and Gautam Bhan's edited book Because I have a Voice: Queer Politics in India (2005. Yoda Press)

She will be talking about her journey through physics, women's health movement and other issues of Women's Movements. And her engagement with the sexuality rights organization called 'Lesbians and Bisexuals in Action (LABIA).' She will be talking about the emergence of research questions from her activism and how her locations enabled an engagement with science, education, women's health movement and sexualities.

The discussion with her has been fixed on 18th October, Thursday from 11-15 am to1.15 pm at the SHS Committee Room.