01-03-2017: Marquee for the workshop - Naadayogam (Music Workshop at AUD, Karampura Campus)



Naada Yogam is a one-day workshop from 9:30AM to 4:00PM on 1st march, 2017.

It will be yoga blended with music, the only difference being that while yoga controls mind through control of body, here it is the opposite, i.e. through a practice of music mind controls the body. You are invited to participate with musical instruments of your choice.

 The workshop will be led by Jayaprakash Menon, worked as Head of department of Music in GD Goenka world school, New Delhi for four and a half years, conducted more than 100 workshops all over India (including all three Universities of Kerala).

Registration Form

The mail of registered participants maybe forwarded to sabitri@aud.ac.in

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