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A clinical sensibility that privileges listening – never away from analytic ideals of empathy and exploration, an interdisciplinary shade that allows for critical thinking and a process of teaching and learning grounded in fundamentals of relationality, while awaiting the arrival of dreaming and playfulness – define this pioneering programme of the School.

This programme aspires to enable a journey that combines the understanding of the inner forces of the psyche with structural and political processes that come together in the formation of human subjectivity. Thus a constant emphasis in the School is on a broadened vision of a psychology that locates the individual embedded in a social matrix and keeps the social and the individual integrated. A second emphasis is on a clinical receptivity that can sensitively listen to and engage with the absent. In this ‘the margins’ and ‘the symptom’ – and both can easily be missed or dismissed – acquire a special meaning within the School’s agenda. This cannot be complete without reaching out to the margins we create and carry first and foremost within our own selves: the unlived, interrupted, exiled inside.

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